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Farmers Bank of Milton has been serving customers since it was chartered in 1902. The bank is locally owned and managed by people who are interested in and care about this community. 

Come here for the latest news and events in our community and local branches.

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Fraud Protection Program

The Farmers Bank of Milton has a fraud program in place to better protect our customers from fraudulent Mastercard transactions. You may receive a phone call from First Data on our behalf verifying transactions as you use your card. Please feel secure in answering their questions. You will not be requested to reveal sensitive information such as card, account, or social security numbers. They will only ask if you have performed certain transactions to which your answers will be YES or NO. Thank you.

Did You Know?

There are great advantages to using our Express Transfer feature in our Online Banking.  Once you've signed in, just Click on the account from which you wish to transfer and then Click on the Transfer button.  Click on ExpressTransfer and all of your accounts will be listed.  Enter the amount you want to transfer into the box next to the account number and click Submit.  Then Click OK to verify the transaction and you are done!  This way, any transfer you make before 2:00 p.m. Eastern time will show on your account that same business day! 

Remember: only use New Scheduled Transfers when you want to schedule recurring transfers for a future date.  These will not show on your account that same business day.

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